About Descartes Labs

Data will be the great enabler of new technologies, new products, and new businesses of our generation. Descartes Labs is building a data-refinery on a cloud-based supercomputer for the application of machine intelligence to massive data sets.

By teaching computers to see, we create the infrastructure and services needed to model — and predict changes in — resources and the entire value chains in which they live. We enable businesses to better apply insights from data — both their own and external sources — across sectors ranging from energy and agriculture to large scale industrial and government. Our mission is to better understand the planet, for good and for profit, so our team of applied scientists also does impact science work around natural disasters, the spread of disease, and food security.

Today, the Descartes Labs data refinery offers the entire library of satellite data from the NASA Landsat and ESA Sentinel missions. We also have the entire Airbus OneAtlas catalog, making the Descartes Labs Platform the first place that users can do their own machine learning modeling directly on the OneAtlas basemap. Along with satellite imagery, we have interpolated NOAA’s Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD) weather dataset, to help customers understand the impact of weather on the commodities supply chain. We are creating a digital data twin of the entire planet to monitor the whole earth, in near real-time. Descartes Labs is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we have offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Denver, and Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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