Descartes Labs Platform Beta Application

The Platform

At Descartes Labs, we pride ourselves on enabling state-of-the-art remote sensing analysis through a scalable data infrastructure built from the ground up to remove the barriers usually associated with satellite imagery. For the first time, you can now access petabytes of imagery data from numerous satellite constellations in a consistent and standardized format, through a simple API, preprocessed into either top or bottom-of-atmosphere reflectance. We are bringing you the world of satellite imagery, instantly.

For details on the API, please read the documentation here.

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Beta Functionality

The Beta will be focused on the Platform’s foundational capabilities of Search and Raster (exposed via Python API). Developers can search for all imagery available in a particular area of interest, and optionally constrain the search according to the imagery’s metadata, for example:

Dates / Cloud cover / Sensor type / Band …

Raster enables developers to:

Retrieve imagery / Perform on-the-fly band calculations / Construct deep time stacks for temporal analysis

All Beta partners will receive full access to:

MODIS / Landsat / Sentinel 1/2/3

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Selection Criteria

Descartes Labs is looking for both commercial and non-commercial partners during the Beta period. Specific considerations include both the proposed project and the composition of the technical team.

Other considerations:

  • Descartes Labs is looking for a diverse group of Beta partners from different sectors, such as government, agriculture, energy, logistics and infrastructure, hedge funds, academia, etc.
  • Beta partners should be willing and able to provide feedback based on their experience with the Platform, helping Descartes Labs improve the Platform for future research teams.
  • Post Beta, Descartes Labs will make the Platform generally available across industry, government, and the academic/research community. Teams that show an interest in leveraging the Descartes Labs Platform beyond the Beta period will be prioritized.
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Commercial Usage

The Platform is available for the development of products and services for commercial purposes with the purchase of a commercial license. Descartes Labs retains full ownership of its Platform.

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Example Use Cases

Descartes Labs’ simple but powerful programmatic interface enables a rich range of capabilities and use cases.

Here are just a few:

  • Create a single composite image for an arbitrary geographic area from your chosen date range of imagery.
  • Retrieve a time stack of imagery and analyze how your area of interest changes over time.
  • Create land cover classifications.
  • Display before/after imagery of deforestation due to illegal harvesting or mining operations.
  • Construct a time series of NDVI for Iowa using MODIS.
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