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  • Trippy Satellite Imagery Could Forecast Food Crises Before They Happen

    The burden is now on technology to make up for the forecasted food crises in the coming decades, but thankfully there is no shortage of ideas on this front. The latest is coming from Descartes Labs, a company that is using machine learning to analyze satellite imagery to predict food supplies months in advance of current methods employed by the US government, a technique that could help predict food crises before they happen.
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  • CB Insights Report: Game Changing Startups

    Innovation of a very real kind is alive and well among startups and their investors. Using CB Insights technology market intelligence platform, we've identified some of the biggest industries of tomorrow and the technologies and startups that are going to usher these advances in.
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  • Tiny Satellites: The Latest Innovation Hedge Funds Are Using to Get a Leg Up

    The latest technological innovation for data-hungry hedge funds is a fleet of five dozen shoebox-sized satellites.
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  • This Startup Uses Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery to Predict Crop Yields

    Mark Johnson wants to beat the United States Department of Agriculture at its own game: predicting yields of America's crops.
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  • Toaster-sized Satellites Will Revolutionize How We Measure the World Food Supply

    Behind every box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is an army of iPad-wielding crop scouts. Funded by US taxpayers, these 2,900 people (most of them sexagenarian part-timers) visit 125,000 American farmers each year to survey them about their expected yields … For more than a century, this method has been the most reliable way the US can measure its food supply. Until now. ‘As it turns out, there’s a lot of satellite imagery out there that very few people have looked at,’ says Mark Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Descartes Labs, a startup that wants to overhaul how such data is gathered.
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  • How Satellite And Imaging Technologies Are Changing The World As We Know It (Part 1)

    Nearly 40 years ago, the Apollo mission’s single image of the entire earth was so spectacular that we gave it a name — the Blue Marble. Nine years ago, Google StreetView launched and provided a similar thrill of locating ourselves from afar, only this time, a little closer to home. And now? Improved imaging and GIS technologies are drastically changing how we perceive and act in the world yet again.
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  • Los Alamos High-tech Startup Is Booming

    A paper sign taped to the window identifies the current home of Descartes Labs, a high-tech startup that burst onto the scene a little more than a year ago and is now bursting at the seams.
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  • Traders’ New Edge: Satellite Data

    Not far from the government laboratory in New Mexico best known as the birthplace of the atomic bomb, a startup is applying the same lab’s supercomputing technique toward a different goal: predicting crop production—from space.
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  • A Cloud-Free Satellite Map of Earth

    Stitching together a live world map from many different satellite images lets algorithms keep an eye on the health of crops and problems like flooding.
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  • Descartes Labs Raises $5M To Make Agricultural Predictions With Deep Learning

    Descartes Labs, a startup with image recognition technology that can help companies answer questions related to agriculture, is announcing today a $5 million round of funding.
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  • A Real-Time View of Climate Change — From 400 Miles Away

    When U.S. corn yield estimates are wrong, the global economy is in trouble.
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  • Deep-Learning, Image-Analysis Startup Descartes Labs Raises $3.3M After Spinning Out Of Los Alamos National Lab

    After being incubated in a government lab for seven years, Descartes Labs – a deep-learning image analysis startup – has raised $3.3 million of its own funding and spun off as a private company.
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  • Just Your Typical New Mexico Image Recognition Startup Spun Off from a Government Lab

    Far from Silicon Valley, Descartes Labs aims to turn a national research facility's AI research into new ways of understanding the world.
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