Meet our team
Our founding team was a group of top scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where our underlying technology was incubated for more than seven years, with $15 million in research funding. These astrophysicists and cosmologists have considerable experience processing huge quantities of image data and are internationally recognized experts in machine learning. Our scientists have published numerous papers and participated in some of the largest calculations ever made.
Peter Barile
Carly Beneke
Bora Beran
Carol Brummer
Hannah Burk
Matt Calef
Madhu Chamarty
Rick Chartrand
Julie Crabill
Jamie Durfee
Eduardo Franco
Henry Fuller
Amanda Giannini
David Gonzalez
Nik Haldimann
Scot Halverson
Hanbyul Jo
Mark Johnson
Gabe Joseph
Ryan Keisler
Tim Kelton
Karla King
Caitlin Kontgis
Nathan Longbotham
Conor Maguire
Mark Mathis
Bob McClure
Karen McKinnon
Jett Metcalf
Marguerite Oneto
James Orsulak
Shawn Patrick
Avram Penner
Justin Poehnelt
Leah Devine Pokrasso
Elizabeth Ramirez
Alex G Rice
Dylan Rich
Ashley Richards
Xander Rudelis
Jason Schatz
Fritz Schlereth
Sam Skillman
Adam Smith
Kyle Story
Kornelijus Survila
Maya Swisa
Steven Truitt
Louis Vernon
Mike Warren
Jordan Winkler
Matt Witte
Jon Wolles
Hang Zhou
Clark Zinzow