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Insights at the intersection of Earth observation and powerful science.

Solving the most challenging problems facing global enterprises today with AI-driven products and solutions.

Mineral Exploration

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Deformation Monitoring

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Insurance Intelligence

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Commodity Forecasting

Market Insights
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Global enterprises

Better business decisions driven by artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Empowering secure, rapid advantages to gain competitive industry insights.

Accelerate the mining life-cycle and drive actionable solutions with geology-led, data-driven insights. Access scalable data that streamlines your company's operations, maximizing cost efficiency while accelerating your goals. Engage with the proven results of Marigold, the world’s most advanced geological exploration system. Assess and respond to risks with the world’s first automated, global subsidence and deformation monitoring system. Examine key sustainability measurements across global assets, from operational carbon impact to mine rehabilitation objectives.

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Predictive analytics engineered to go beyond the data.

Innovative science. Advanced solutions. Accelerated results.


Deliver more meaningful results by combining data from any source with proven scientific expertise.


Streamline workflows and reduce engineering timelines to focus on the insights that matter.


Work at any scale, from regional to global, with a cloud-native, fully managed backend.


reduction in mineral exploration prep time


ROI in soybean meal commodity price forecasting


more AOIs assessed per year for mining companies


accuracy identifying commodity sourcing areas

Our team was really impressed with the technical depth and consultative capabilities of Descartes Labs. We look at your team and think, those are folks where in a lot of project scenarios, we’d want to have them on the bench.

Big 3 Strategy Consulting Company

Marigold really shines in greenfield exploration, especially in underexplored areas and areas that we don’t hold a tenement or have much information on.

Large Mining Company

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Reduce the time and effort required for data analysis

Descartes Labs employs AI to promote data analytics adoption by reducing the time and effort required for data analysis, improving the accuracy and reliability of insights, and simplifying the information for non-technical users.

Automated data processing

Automate the process of cleaning, preprocessing, and transforming massive amounts of data; saving time and effort for analysts.

Advanced data analytics

Analyze data at a revolutionary level of detail that uncovers patterns and insights that may otherwise be missed.

Predictive modeling

Utilize historical data to build predictive models, enabling data analysts to anticipate future trends and make data-driven decisions.

Interactive visualizations

Create AI-powered visualizations, with interactive dashboards and charts, to share insights with stakeholders. 

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