Geology-led, machine-driven mineral targeting

Accelerate your timeline to discovery with the Advanced Mineral Exploration Package (AME), a geospatial toolkit designed specifically for the mining industry.  AME offers a robust solution for geoscientists by combining an impressive set of data, computing power, and subject matter expertise.


  • Identify and evaluate mineral targets in 1/10th the time of your competitors with our Bare Earth Composite, which gives you the best information from every pixel in the scene
  • Reduce incremental costs for new AOI assessment with mining-specific, pre-processed data
  • Equip more of your team with the power of data science, without years of programming knowledge
  • Optimize exploration workflows to test ideas more rapidly
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Introducing Marigold

A new remote sensing processing tool — built inside an easy-to-use GIS interface — made for Exploration Geologists to explore with confidence at global scale.
Marigold enables common remote sensing workflows for exploration including lithological mapping and mineral mapping capabilities, advanced spectral mapping, and lineament analysis. See the datasheet to learn more.
Accelerate your exploration timelines with global multispectral data and analytics workflows inside an easy to use, no-code interface.
Supercharge exploration timelines


more AOIs evaluated each year


reduction in prep time

1 week

From idea to prospect
Customer spotlight

Rio Tinto Exploration is working with Descartes Labs to advance usage of remote sensing data and to support early stage exploration activities.

Case Study

Identifying mineral targets faster with a geoprocessing platform

One of the world’s largest gold mining companies leverages the Descartes Labs Platform to reduce mineral exploration lead time and find deposits faster than the competition.


The company uses the full suite of Descartes Labs offerings, including our platform, the AME, and custom engineering services. The products bring value for their ability to create data cubes and run analyses across disparate data types and sources.


To meet the company’s specific mineral exploration needs, we ingested and transformed a variety of vector data. This vector data was then combined with imagery and other raster data to create unique tools and derived analyses that have enabled the company to reduce the mineral exploration lead time from approximately six months to six days.


Geologists at the firm now use custom-built analytics interfaces to simultaneously perform complex mineral exploration tasks on remote sensing, geophysics, and field sampled data in one environment.

Unique datasets like the Fused Bare Earth Composite and Geophysical data compilations are ready to use in exploration workflows through the Descartes Labs Platform.
Unique datasets with global coverage
We offer a wide array of global, multi-petabyte data products, spanning high-resolution optical, MS optical, SAR, elevation models and more. At the core of the AME is the world's only fused ASTER-Sentinel-2 Bare Earth Composite, which provides the barest pixel everywhere on earth. Targets that were previously inaccessible with traditional scene-derived imagery are waiting for you to explore.
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We provide a comprehensive data catalog and toolkit spanning each part of the mineral targeting workflow, improving efficiency and enabling new perspectives.
We have a wide array of global, multi-petabyte data products spanning optical, SAR, elevation models and more.
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