Actionable intelligence across your supply chain

Descartes Labs helps agriculture industry leaders monitor and respond to events in the supply chain with greater speed. We build quant price forecasting models and provide a geospatial analytics platform for custom signal development.


Leverage our solution to:

  • Generate consistent alpha through price prediction
  • Forecast product supply and demand months ahead
  • Monitor deforestation and carbon emissions in your supply chain
  • Track crop health and agricultural practices that promote sustainability
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The technology
Augment your inputs with analysis-ready geospatial data. Using our platform, we've developed packaged offerings for the agricultural industry with all the tools you need to monitor sustainable practices and improve market prediction across your supply chain.

Case Study

Forecasting Commodity Prices with Geospatial Insights

As commodity trading increasingly relies on new and alternative sources of data, agriculture businesses need to incorporate new technologies to stay ahead of the curve and outperform their competitors.


Using remote sensing, machine learning, and statistics we combined spatial and non-spatial data to provide a holistic view of a customer's commodity supply chain. By combining their institutional knowledge with our diverse data, we were able to quantify seemingly unrelated market factors into a set of recommended profitable actions.


As a result, they rely on the predictions derived from our models to optimize their trading strategies. The work done by our platform to accurately collect, clean, and process geospatial data reduced the skills and cost necessary to bring world class geospatial analytics in house.

Achieve up to 5x ROI with our sugar and soybean meal price models.
Art of the possible
With the Descartes Labs Platform, business and data science teams can rapidly hypothesize, test, and deploy predictive analytics. These examples showcase the diverse use cases of our customers.
Determine historical land use changes associated with deforestation and agriculture.
We've worked on a variety of projects for the agriculture sector. Download our use cases to discover how we apply our geospatial expertise to agriculture-specific problems.
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