The power to model the world

Actionable intelligence powered by geospatial data, backed by science, and available at planetary scale
Turning data into action

Established in 2014 by a team of scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Descartes Labs was founded on the belief that planetary knowledge has the power to radically alter how companies, governments, and nonprofits understand their relationship to the world's physical systems. Scientific integrity, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability define the core values of our company. Our talented team possesses decades of experience working on some of our nation’s most difficult problems, with expertise in large-scale computing, artificial intelligence, and satellite imagery.

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Our vision

Tackling the world's most pressing challenges

Geospatial analytics is the key to understanding and addressing some of the world's most important issues, including climate change, sustainability, food security, and safeguarding our natural resources.

As a geospatial intelligence company, Descartes Labs helps organizations benefit from the scientific analysis of observable, physical world events.

Our SaaS platform enables custom signal development and our packaged analytics solutions create new sources of operational advantage and sustainability for customers across Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Mining, and Government.

Executive Team

Richard Davis


Graeme Shaw


Deanna Lyn

Chief Commercial Officer

Janie Robinson

President, Descartes Labs Government

Jessica West

Head of People

Laura Sturch

Head of Engineering

David "Chalky" Petterson

Head of Product

Carly Beneke

Head of Applied Science

Craig Bristol

General Counsel

Carl Baker

VP of Finance

Descartes Labs is a portfolio company of Antarctica Capital, a private equity firm with a portfolio of companies spanning New Space, Data Analytics and Digital Infrastructure.

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