A platform for complex global systems

The Descartes Labs Platform is the missing link in making real world sensor data - from satellite imagery to weather - useful. We collect data daily from public and commercial sources, clean it, calibrate it, and store it in an easy-to-access catalog, ready for scientific analysis. We also give our customers the ability to throw huge amounts of computational power at that data and tools built on top of the data to make it easier to build models.

Test Drive the Descartes Lab Platform
Immediate, easy access to global data - historically and in near real-time

Using our Python APIs, access data about the Earth within seconds.

  • Input any area of interest

    Find all matching data within our archive. Filter results by:

    • Start and end date
    • Satellite constellation
    • Satellite spectral band
    • Cloud cover
  • Create a mosaic

    Generate a single mosaic from your filtered results.

  • Retrieve a time stack of data

    View how your area of interest changes over time.

  • Write any Python function, run it on thousands of images in parallel

    Run NDVI, BAI, NDSII, SAVI, or any other calculations over each pixel within your area of interest. Fuse satellite data, including high-resolution data from Airbus OneAtlas, with weather data and Descartes Labs-generated data sets into a single global-scale analysis.

A unique, expanding data archive

The Descartes Labs Platform provides one-stop access to an unparalleled repository of pre-processed historical and real-time satellite imagery.

Consistent georegistration

Standard projections

Top of atmosphere reflectance

Cloud masks

A hyper-scalable supercomputer in the cloud

Putting big data to work requires a platform that can ingest and process massive datasets. To tackle this problem, we built a supercomputer in the cloud.

When conducting analysis or machine learning, the Platform will scale cloud resources on demand. Data collected over decades can be processed in hours.

A foundation for a global-analysis marketplace

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) selected Descartes Labs to participate in its Geospatial Cloud Analytics (GCA) program. The purpose is to provide "instant access to the most up-to-date images anywhere in the world, as well as cutting-edge tools to analyze them."

Teams selected by DARPA will use the Descartes Labs Platform to build global-scale applications and offer them in the GCA marketplace as a commercial service for data scientists and analysts. To support these objectives, and pave the way for development of additional applications, Descartes Labs will integrate up to 75 new datasets sourced from members of a diverse data partner network.

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