Transform science into production

Rapidly ​​experiment, prototype, and productionize raster data analytics
Maximize the value of your research & development with higher quality insights

Harmonize hundreds of data sources across a single catalog and perform global scale modeling and analytics to support critical business applications.


  • Access over 100 geospatial workflows and more than 120 analysis-ready datasets
  • Build, refine, modify and enhance models using the entire Python ecosystem
  • Test and optimize your models across scalable cloud compute
  • Deliver rapid and reliable results in production


Petabytes of analysis-ready data

Catalog makes more than 25 petabytes of analysis-ready data discoverable across some of the world's leading satellite constellations:


  • Multispectral and high-resolution optical
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR / InSAR)
  • Meteorological and atmospheric
  • Elevation and hydrology
  • Geostationary and polar orbits
  • Land use and other derived products


Discover and use data without the hassle of downloading, data prep, or storage. A nearly $2mm savings per year.


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Applications powered by Descartes Labs
Whether you are a customer or partner, our platform can help streamline and accelerate the deployment of your geospatial applications.
ClearSky UK
Aspia Space predicts full-spectrum optical and infrared imagery using global SAR data from our platform.
ROI Drivers

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Acceleration of Product Roadmap


Drive innovation: Develop robust solutions and speed time to market while maintaining your IP.


Annual Savings through Averted Costs


Control costs: Scale efficiently by moving repeated activities to a low-cost environment.


Deal Flow from Qualified Customers


Accelerate growth: Leverage our established distribution channels to drive new opportunities.

Over 100 datasets at your fingertips
DataHub is a data refinery and processing engine with a growing collection of analysis-ready datasets that can be discovered in the Catalog and leveraged for scientific analysis.
See a list of our data sources
Rapidly prototype and refine your analysis
Innovation Lab is a research and development platform where users can explore data and develop models for operationalization using the entire Python ecosystem.
Explore our underlying APIs
A scalable infrastructure for geospatial analytics
Enterprise Accelerator provides scalable infrastructure that enables users to deploy operational, business-driven models and integrate them into production environments.
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APIs and documentation

Catalog →

Find and incorporate data into the platform


Scenes →

High-level, object-oriented access to imagery


Raster →

Load raster data as NumPy arrays or image files


Tasks →

Parallelize computations with scalable compute


Workflows →

Compose and execute geoprocessing transformations


Storage →

Store arbitrary data and retrieve it using key-value pairs


Tables →

Organize, upload, and query tabular data and vector geometries

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