Planetary scale geoprocessing

Get flexible access to raster data through a well documented API & hosted development environment.
Perform scalable analysis on a broad catalog of remote sensing data

The Descartes Labs geospatial processing platform helps clients answer questions about the physical world using a wide range of data types and sources. We simplify the analysis of global-scale raster data by providing:


  • Access to a catalog with petabytes of geospatial data—all ingested from disparate providers, normalized and composable through one common interface
  • Infrastructure to parallelize any code across thousands of machines
  • Add new data from a proprietary source or as an output from your analysis
  • A Python client library to access our systems
  • Browse the catalog and view imagery with easy-to-use web interfaces
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Explore our platform APIs and documentation

Catalog →

Find and incorporate data into the platform


Scenes →

High-level, object-oriented access to imagery


Raster →

Load raster data as NumPy arrays or image files


Tasks →

Parallelize computations with scalable compute


Workflows →

Compose and execute geoprocessing transformations


Client Library →

Integrate with data science ecosystems


Viewer →

View and interact with Catalog imagery

Platform resources
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Corn and soy yield
Sentinel-2 | NAIP | historical yield and acreage data | weather data (Global Surface Summary of the Day)
Turn global sensors into information advantage
(A) Continuous data ingest (B) Cleaning, calibration, and indexing (C) Hosted modeling environment (D) Scalable compute engine (E) Actionable insights available through a variety of interfaces
Data Refinery
Multimodal data at your fingertips
Over 15 petabytes of analysis-ready geospatial data from leading public and private sources. Access data through our Catalog API and perform analysis using our scalable compute infrastructure.
See a list of our data sources
A fully-featured modeling environment
Workbench combines a hosted JupyterLab interface with custom integrations to our platform APIs. Delivered with useful examples and compatible with the broader Python ecosystem.
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Analytics and insights for enterprise use cases
Our Packaged Analytics offerings combine data, analysis, and visualization tools in one solution, enabling clients to quantify market dynamics and monitor sustainable practices across agricultural and material supply chains.
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