Carbon Analytics

Discover the world leading scalable service to assess forest carbon globally


and wall-to-wall biomass carbon data where you need it

20 year

historical record to determine carbon baselines


data uncertainties are within industry standards

Accurately track carbon pools

Gain maximum clarity with carbon tracking

With the Descartes Labs Forest Carbon Analytics service, you eliminate the need for costly manual visits and inaccurate emissions accounting to perform carbon asset valuation and decarbonization goals. Our service accurately assesses forest carbon on a global scale using the latest remote sensing and advances in deep learning technology. This service is designed to provide maximum clarity into the total carbon sequestered/lost in a forested location, as well as the individual components that make up the total carbon pool.

The Carbon Analytics API service from Descartes Labs now allows carbon project managers, carbon accounting firms, and carbon asset owners the ability to accurately track the relevant carbon pools at their site of interest, including critical changes over time.

Who we serve

Transparent supply chains for greater organizational growth.

The Descartes Labs Forest Carbon Analytics service provides value for those in carbon asset management, equity ratings, and supply chain management.

Carbon Asset Managers

Lower costs for asset generation and greater margins on the asset, both in monetary and carbon value. Our services remove the need to do costly site measurements on an initial and ongoing basis, providing an efficient path to bring carbon credits or insetting activities to market.

Equity Ratings Agencies and Firms

Provide insights on natural capital risk with a readily available analysis tool that can be immediately applied to the forested component of supply chains. Analysts can create differentiated carbon impact ratings for corporations that augment existing financial ratings.

Supply Chain Managers

Quantify the amount of forest carbon loss or gain within particular supply chains. With greater visibility, positive outcomes can result in favorable public perception, reduced carbon offsetting purchase costs, and greater demand in the equity market for corporate offerings.


Higher accuracy monitoring at industry leading speeds

Quickly receive trustworthy alerts from any tropical region in the world

Cost savings

Reduce the scope of costly site visits or expensive data collection tasking to assess carbon stocks


The Carbon Analytics service is a global scale capability that can be made available for wherever you need it


Discover short and long term carbon stock data, critical for historical baselining of assets and supply chains, with unique deep learning techniques


Mitigate the need for additional in-house analysis with a ready-to-use product tailored to your AOIs

Product features

The Forest Carbon Analytics service delivers asset specific forest carbon estimates to support carbon quantification tasks—which require both historical and current data of the various carbon pools. The service focuses on three primary carbon pools of importance:

Aboveground Biomass (AGB) Carbon

We take biomass data and use our deep learning models to train data and utilize optical data sets as predictors to generate AGB carbon estimates. Through our service, you get a continuous-in-time and space aboveground biomass carbon data set which can be applied globally.

Belowground Biomass (BGB) Carbon

With metrics that align with Tier 3 methodologies, our Carbon Analytics service provides the highest quality estimates found in emissions accounting schemes. We implement a peer reviewed technique that differentiates ratio values by geography and biophysical characteristics of the location.

Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)

Soil organic carbon may need to be tracked in support of forest carbon sequestration initiatives. Our Carbon Analytics service uses a blended soil data output from several sources to provide an improvement over standard techniques which assume the same soil type over large areas.

Can’t see the forest for the trees?

Get the big picture of your supply chain sustainability efforts by combining our Carbon Analytics service with world-leading Deforestation Monitoring solutions.

Product specs

Align with external regulations by using easy-to-integrate technology

Data Range

The Carbon Analytics data set goes back to 2000 and spans to the most recent year.

Data Frequency

Data is updated on an annual basis for most regions.

Geographical Availability

Currently available for select countries in SEast Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, and Oceania, but can generate data for nearly any location.

Product Delivery

  • Currently offered as a REST API interface.
  • Visualization also available via the Descartes Labs Explorer web application.
  • Data output is in the form of a time series over the polygon or a raster file for each polygon by year.

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