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Ensure supply chain sustainability

Deforestation monitoring for a more robust, sustainable supply chain

Powered by remote sensing, machine learning, and the fusion of multiple datasets, our deforestation monitoring service enables high frequency visibility across your entire supply chains.

Descartes Labs deploys deforestation monitoring with a unique multi-model approach that ensures higher quality detections while also providing critical contextual data, such as forest carbon loss per event. This unique deforestation alerting solution does not rely on just one technique, thereby reducing risk for deforestation-free commitments and regulatory compliance.

Who we serve

Measure and mitigate deforestation risk ahead of regulations

Providing value for those in supply chain management, carbon asset management, as well as equity ratings.

Supply Chain Manager

Better source ingredients sustainably while adhering to deforestation-free regulations. Supply chain assets combined with deforestation alerts can be used to assess sourcing regions at greatest risk of compromising deforestation-free commitments. Our service can also be used to create due diligence reporting, such as those required by the EU Deforestation Free Regulation, which serves to de-risk the breaching of commitments and regulations.

Carbon Project Managers

Gain insights to monitor the impact a project might have on carbon leakage via deforestation displacement. Obtain visibility on carbon credits impaired by deforestation activity and immediately work on securing new carbon credits while mitigating the associated reputational risk.

Equity Ratings Agencies and Firms

Readily available, scalable and cost-effective analysis tools work in conjunction with a corporation's existing ratings packages to allow the creation of differentiated supply chain ratings.


Higher accuracy monitoring at industry leading speeds

Quickly receive trustworthy alerts from any tropical region in the world

Mitigate risk & boost confidence

Reduce risk and increase confidence by leveraging a deforestation monitoring package that uses a multi-model approach rather than a single technique

Focus only on impactful alerts

Focus on those alerts which are the most impactful by using contextual metrics such as forest carbon loss or deforestation rates as key signals

Supply chain efficiency

Prioritize alerts by metrics which matter to you, such as distance to commodities or the spatial magnitude of the alert, thereby making supply chain analysis more efficient

Regulatory reporting

Employ forest and commodity masks to identify conversion from forest to agricultural use to provide effective due diligence reporting for compliance activities such as the EU Deforestation Free regulation

Change in biomass over Brazilian rainforest.

Product features

The Descartes Labs Deforestation Monitoring service provides a holistic view of deforestation activity within regions of interest by combining multiple data sets, models, and post-processing outputs.

Forest Masks

To identify regions that are truly forest and therefore should be monitored for forest loss events, Descartes Labs employs our novel technique with deep learning intelligence. The end result is an annually updated forest map that is the basis of our Deforestation Monitoring service.

Commodity Masks

It is critical to also identify areas of agricultural production to ensure that managed tree loss events within those plots are not mischaracterized as deforestation. Descartes Labs has generated our own palm commodity mask and has experience integrating external commodity masks, such as cocoa.

Real-Time Deforestation Alerts & Metadata

Stay on top of supply chain issues using our real time alerts updated on a monthly basis and contextualized with critical information such as the date of loss, area affected, deforestation rate, alert priority, and forest carbon lost.

Historical Deforestation Monitoring Alerts

Updated on an annual basis, our historical alerts provide a second pass on the real time alerts using a different modeling technique, adding confidence to our alerts that only a multi-model approach can bring.

Multimodel Validated Alerts

Instill the highest confidence with the combined validation of our real-time and historical alerts.

Get a broader view of your sustainable supply chain.

Combine deforestation monitoring with our Forest Carbon Analytics service to assess the impact of carbon projects on surrounding regions to monitor carbon leakage concerns that may arise as a result of the project operations.

Product specs

All-in-one deforestation monitoring toolkit

Data Range

  • Real time alerts are available starting in 2018 to the previous month.
  • Historical alerts are available starting in 2000 to the previous year.
  • Multimodel Validated Alerts are available starting in 2018  to the previous year.

Geographical Availability

The service is currently available for select countries in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Geographies can be expanded to other tropical regions if need be.

Data Frequency

  • Real Time alerts are updated on a monthly basis.
  • Historical and Multimodel Validated alerts are updated on an annual basis or bi-annual basis, depending on the need.

Product Delivery

The service is delivered as a set of raster and vector files delivered to a secure cloud storage location or via the Descartes Labs Platform. Custom reports are also available.

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