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Some of the most innovative research comes from students, scientists, & NGOs. We have enabled people working at academic, nonprofit, and other non-commercial institutions to leverage the power of our platform.

I came up with an idea to use a generative adversarial network (GAN) in an image-to-image translation setting to generate these pervasive changes. The idea seemed a little crazy (and difficult to implement!) but thanks to the Descartes Labs Platform I got up and running in no time.

Christopher Ren — Chick Keller Postdoctoral Fellow in the Space Data Science & System Group, Intelligence and Space Research Division (ISR-3) at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Projects Making A Difference
These are a few of the projects that our students and non-profits have worked on with the Descartes Labs Platform.
Arctic Boreal Wetland Photo
Near daily modeling of Arctic-boreal wetland methane emissions

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