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Instant access to science-ready imagery and intelligence from multiple data sources.

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For decades, satellites have been collecting data about our planet. Yet complex global systems like agriculture, deforestation, water cycles, and many others, affect billions but are still poorly understood. Not only are these systems critical to understand for the good of humanity, they're also important for businesses as they adapt to — and attempt to thrive in — an ever-changing environment.

With the price of satellites dropping from over a billion dollars to tens of thousands, new constellations with new sensor characteristics are coming online, producing ever more data. Combining multiple sources provides a far richer view than that of any single constellation. For organizations that want to harness this power and enable computation at global scale, it's necessary to have a data refinery that combines data from multiple sources, cleans it up and makes it ready for science. That's exactly what we've built at Descartes Labs.

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GeoVisual Search

By using machine learning at a massive scale, we’ve built a computer vision tool that lets you search for any object over the entire globe.
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Descartes Maps

Earth Observation Imagery is a core function of the Descartes Platform. We just released 3 beautiful composites of our planet. Come explore them with us.
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