Advancing the
science of forecasting

Descartes Labs forecasts global commodity crop production—more accurately, more frequently, and more granularly than the best government or commercial sources.

Traditional forecasters sample a tiny fraction of farms, producing only a few reports each season, by hand.

We look at every field every day, applying machine learning and massive processing to petabytes of data from thousands of online sensors to generate daily forecasts, automatically.

2016 US Yield Forecast
As of October 11th 2016, updated weekly.

Corn yield 171.2 bu/a (± 2.1)

+1.7% from 2015

Soy yield 48.8 bu/a (± 1.4)

+1.6% from 2015

Last year, we made our first forecasts of US corn production. This year, we are releasing corn and soy forecasts, at the national, state, and county level, every week throughout the growing season. We're making this information available to the public, at no charge, via our report, mobile app, and newsletter.

Our forecasts are your competitive advantage

Financial industry trading

Logistics network optimization

Insurance risk management

Security and policy decisions

Uncertainty is the crux of commodity driven businesses. Descartes Labs forecasting products are real time in nature, set new accuracy standards, and can revolutionize decision making for organizations involved in production, trading, logistics, risk management, and security.

We offer multiple point solutions for agriculture, including local production analysis and crop damage assessment tools with field-level resolution. For other needs, we leverage the power of our machine learning platform, combining customer data with Descartes Labs’ data and models to create a proprietary model.

We’re building a platform—data pipelines, analysis pipelines, and libraries on which other applications can be built.

The Descartes Labs Forecasting Platform Stack

Descartes Labs has developed a hyper-scalable, general purpose machine-learning platform. It isn’t just for agriculture. It’s also designed for forecasting, monitoring, and historical analysis of other major commodity supply chains, such as oil & gas, mining, lumber, water, and many more.

The Descartes Labs platform combines massive data sources—whether public, private or proprietary—onto a single system. The data is then transformed into action by applying machine learning at scale to unlock the value in those datasets. We transform petabytes of data into action for your business.

Our platform enables a new way of doing science. We are asking new kinds of questions and solving the most challenging forecasting problems facing organizations today. Now, you can put our platform to work on your problems, too.

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