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Built on a legacy of science and innovation, Descartes Labs delivers analytics at a groundbreaking scale.

Founded in science

We've done the complex work

Spinning out of Los Alamos Labs nearly ten years ago, Descartes Labs founders saw a gap in both technology and solutions to answer the most pressing global challenges. They set off to develop what’s now recognized as one of the world’s Top 500 fastest supercomputers and leaders in geospatial intelligence. Delivering actionable insights by leveraging our proprietary back-end infrastructure, we’re able to convert complex data sets from Satellite imagery, AIS, weather and market data, land use data and more, into intelligence ready signals that allow both our government and commercial customers a competitive advantage in solving the world's’ toughest problems.

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Who we are

A Team with World Class Expertise

Built on the backs of technology giants - Our People is what truly set us apart and why so many government agencies and leading global businesses trust us as an integral partner for their success.

Cogito, ergo sum

Our Philosophy

Descartes Labs has set out to solve the globe's most complex problems through science and innovation.

The future lies within organizations and governments who successfully leverage data-driven insights. Together, we can change the world and impact national security, climate change, sustainability, food security, mission critical humanitarian efforts, and safeguard our natural resources at the speed of relevance.

Our mission is to deliver impactful products more rapidly, accurately, and securely to our customers because we believe that geospatial science is the key to solving global issues within the worlds leading industries.

Pioneering science.
Built for today, scaled for tomorrow.

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