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The future of innovation with AWS and Descartes Labs

Massive volumes of geospatial data are being produced every day, but it is nearly impossible for companies to benefit from the potential insights. Hiring for, building, and maintaining the infrastructure needed to do global geospatial analysis is cost prohibitive, causing significant delays getting to market.

The Descartes Labs Platform simplifies the exploration and analysis of geospatial data to answer key questions about the physical world. Customers are empowered to build and run planetary-scale geospatial models and derive insights that drive more informed business decisions.

Data infrastructure

Discover the geospatial toolkit for deploying solutions at scale

Graphical diagram of the Descartes Labs data infrastructure system.

With AWS, Descartes Labs can process geospatial data quickly and deliver more powerful insights to help its customers innovate smarter, more sustainable ways to live and work on Earth.

Max Peterson
Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector
Amazon Web Services

A rapid approach for geospatial applications

Reduce costs

Save up to $2 million in data engineering costs and months of development time so you can get to market faster

Maximize data

Petabytes of normalized, analysis-ready data are stored in a single easy-to-access and easy-to-search catalog

Drive innovation

A simpler way of working with geospatial data to drive an advancement in science for innovative solutions

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