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Commodity market prediction

Forecasting commodity prices with advanced geospatial insights

Using quantitative models for the most accurate price forecasting involves a rigorous process from a broad library of forecasts in the logistics/supply-chain, agriculture/industrial production, weather and human activity.

Insights on the full commodity supply chain along with financial modeling expertise is critical for price forecasts of key commodity futures/physical prices.

Price forecasting built to drive ROI

Discover how proprietary geospatial data can be used to enhance machine and human intelligence to empower your decisions on forecasting commodity prices.

Make informed decisions on buying, selling and managing commodities

Market volatility tracking

Market-moving events in near-real-time at a global scale, such as ship traffic or port congestion, mill/refinery activity, and crop health, all matter for moving price forecasts.  Descartes Labs take these analyses a step further to generate even more meaningful signals for forecasting prices, for example, forecasts of export flow and forecasts of refined sugar output.

Adapts to market conditions

Market conditions are ever-changing and the best forecasts adapt to those changes. Descartes Labs' predictions and factor loadings are updated and refit daily. To keep up with the changing landscape, our feature inclusion is updated semi-annually using a robust feature selection algorithm to avoid overfit.

Daily price reports

Our daily price forecasting reports include feature contributions enabling you to employ these in your own models to gain valuable insights during volatile market changes. Historical forecasts are also included for convenient backtesting.

Available Commodities

The ever-expanding coverage list for commodities currently includes the following commodities. They can be sold individually or packaged by product line.


Arabica Coffee

Sugar #11

Sugar #5

London Cocoa

Grains & Feeds


Soybean Meal

Vegetable Oils

Soybean Oil

Palm Oil


CME Copper

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