Earth-Informed Insights to Future Proof Your Supply Chain

Build consumer trust and increase operational efficiencies throughout your supply chain

Crop yield & health monitoring

Understand the factors affecting your raw commodities

Yield and crop health are affected by many factors including activities around logistics and supply chain, agriculture and industrial production, weather, and human related actions.

Geospatial data can provide a deeper understanding of the supply and demand dynamics of commodities. By analyzing factors such as weather patterns, crop conditions, transportation routes and infrastructure developments, signals can grant invaluable insights into potential market fluctuations. By deploying these insights into forecasts and then into strategies, we assist in translating insight into action.


Manage your feed costs with the Grains and Feeds Package

Preserve margins and remain competitive by improving the timing of purchases with medium-range, backtested price forecasts. 

Maximize your crop procurement or trading edge

Actionable daily insights

Daily delivery of clear trade action in the relevant market, including a forecast price at which the model is expecting execution.

High-accuracy forecasting

Our high-accuracy forecasting methodology is informed by both financial, positioning inputs as well as inputs from our library of increasingly essential earth-observation signals. We translate geospatial edge into actionable prescriptions for your trading or procurement team.

Proven savings track record

Our track record of savings for our clients significantly impact consistency of earnings, facilitate budget/planning and deliver consistent procurement cost savings.

On the trading side, our models provide quicker time to value. Geospatial signals often serve up alpha that is orthogonal to signals traditionally followed in the market, leading to substantial performance gains for your trading desk.

USA corn yield. Copernicus Sentinel data 2020.

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