Enabling resilient and confident business intelligence solutions for P&C insurance workflows through data variety and volume

geospatial enterprise platform
for portfolio management

Empowering the entire insurance value chain through simplified integration of spatial data

Ascend enables carriers to leverage spatial data in their day-to-day insurance operations from underwriting and claims to CX and new product development. With over 35 partnerships and 2000+ attributes, Ascend incorporates satellite, drone, and aerial imagery as well as property characteristics and climate models directly into insurer workflows.

The Ascend solution is built upon 3 core pillars: Unparalleled access to an extensive spatial data marketplace, dynamic data fusion delivering real time fit-for-purpose data layers, and seamless integration into insurance processing ecosystems. 


Ascend brings all spatial data into one location.

One API for all Geospatial Data

Data coverage for the full policy lifecycle

Precisely assess risk, devise loss mitigation strategies, respond more accurately and swiftly to natural catastrophes, and improve NPS through stellar claims experiences.

Data Driven

Leverage the best of geospatial AI, imagery, flood, fire, and climate models directly in underwriting workflows. Ascend will automatically and dynamically pull from the best data sources in the world for each geography and product type.


Post CAT

Handle claims more quickly after a disaster using the best post catastrophe data including AI models leveraging satellite, drone, aerial, stratospheric balloon data. Ascend combines post-cat data with advanced geocoding to drive automatic loss calculations.

Portfolio Risk/
Loss Estimation

Reserving intelligently requires a continuous understanding before, during, and after an event for rapid assessment of total damage. Ascend calculates losses across full portfolios by dynamically leveraging the best geospatial data, models, and geocoders.


Be the organization customers look to in a time of crisis. From pre-event alerts to post claim handling speed, knowing which of your policy holders will be affected trough weather and catastrophe modeling allows customer success teams to ensure unique and valuable CX.


Ascend integrates the best geospatial data for P&C insurance workflows and translates it into actionable insights

Data integration
and normalization

Over 2,000 attributes are ingested and normalized to ensure our customers have the highest accuracy and availability of data.

and selection

Ascend validates and selects from across sources to ensure our customers have the right answers for their business needs.

Data enrichment
and insights

From rapid response time to an event, greater clarity for of accumulation risk/exposures, to a single platform to enable more intelligent underwriting, Ascend translates the data into immediately consumable insights.

ascend on a computer screen showing building parcels

Product features

  • Correct your location data using a geocoding consensus algorithm to map addresses to building footprints
  • Upload your full portfolio or query specific addresses to identify exposure and peril risk
  • Configurable visualization components
  • Display assets and the correlating spatial data
  • View analytic layers and imagery basemaps
  • Discover portfolio insights and summary statistics
  • SOC2 certified


Global geocoding, parcel, and building footprint data


Flood, fire, hurricane, peril risk maps, and weather data


Geospatial Artificial Intelligence

Property characteristics, change detection 


Data Fusion & Aggregation

Policy level satellite, drone, aerial imagery, and IOT sensor data 

Product specs

Unified access to the widest variety of insurance-relevant data and analytics

Data integration

  • Ingests, normalizes, and interprets spatial data from all sources
  • Selects and utilizes the most accurate data
  • Base-map and partner data library (35+ partners, public & open data)

Data management

  • Corrects policy location data using Ascend’s proprietary Geocoding Consensus Algorithm
  • Base-map and partner data library (35+ partners, public & open data)
  • Data layer management to access Ascend’s partner data marketplace
  • Portfolio management tools (filter, search, aggregate, report, export, etc...)


Data visualization

  • Displays assets / insured properties, and the correlating spatial data
  • Shows analytic layers and imagery basemaps
  • Provides portfolio insights and summary statistics
  • NatCat Event management
  • Configurable front-end visualization components



  • REST Output API
  • Easily integrates directly into core BI and Policy Admin systems
  • Hosted enterprise deployments
  • Platform and data usage monitoring


  • SSO/SAML/OIDC integration
  • SOC2 certified platform


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