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Commodity price forecasting and market intelligence for procurement professionals, traders, and analysts

AI-informed hedging and trading

Reduce commodity costs and optimize long-term hedging in volatile markets

We provide actionable market intelligence that delivers cost savings and risk mitigation for companies with physical and pricing exposure to agricultural commodities.

Novel Alpha

Gain a new edge. We produce accurate forecasts of the trajectory, directionality, and value of commodity prices by leveraging proprietary models and geospatial data that you can't find anywhere else.

Insight and Transparency

Discover AI without the black box. Our platform was designed by commodity traders to identify and quantify market drivers before they are reflected in commodity prices.

Operational Intelligence

Optimize your decision making and minimize risk. We stitch together a universe of probabilistic outcomes to provide procurement and hedging recommendations.

Elevated Price Forecasting Models

Integrate advanced prediction models, powered by Earth observation insights and trusted market signals into your hedging and trading strategy.

Integrate unique short-term price predictions into trading and procurement strategies with daily reports that provide unparalleled market perspective.

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For Procurement Professionals

Enhanced insight into current and future market drivers

  • Pinpoint today's most influential market drivers and see how they’ve changed over time. 
  • Anticipate surges in volatility and avoid being trapped in bad hedges. 
  • Offset the burden of integrating multiple sources of disparate data and opinions into a coherent and executable plan. 
  • Respond to step-changes in demand from growing nations and shifting consumption trends.
  • Facilitate communication of hedging strategy to Risk Management and internal stakeholders.


Reduce input costs and offer your finished goods at more competitive prices

  • Fulfill purchasing quota opportunistically at the best possible prices.  
  • Anticipate the long-term impact of supply chain disruptions and optimize supply versus price risk. 
  • Optimize the timing and structure of long hedges in inflationary markets in order to minimize the price-risk of inputs.  
  • Enhance your ability to hedge long-term input COGS and offer your finished products at more competitive prices. 
  • Avoid bad long-term hedges when a major reversal is on the horizon.


Integrate both quantitative and fundamental approaches

  • Anticipate critical price levels that may trigger a supply increase via increased planting, harvesting, investment, and export. 
  • Know in advance when actual production and yield numbers are diverging from reported values. 
  • Understand how price reflects fundamental changes in geopolitics; foreign policy; monetary and fiscal policy; the energy complex; and global-scale S&D.  
  • Capitalize on a truly alternative data source -geospatial- to validate or challenge your stance on the markets.

For Commodity Traders and Merchants


Improve Risk-Adjusted Return

  • Maximize profit across a portfolio of correlated physical and derivative markets. 
  • Maintain market exposure while staying within risk parameters. 
  • Augment long-term positions with short-term discretionary trades. 
  • Improve decision-making when allocating capital and risk across complex market ecosystems.



Enhance Existing Strategies

  • Leverage a new source of edge that is sensitive to changes in macroeconomics. 
  • Stay abreast of changing correlations and term structures across markets. 
  • Leverage AI to consolidate hundreds of disparate data sources into a coherent overview of the markets. 
  • Anticipate the long-term impact of supply chain disruptions, embargos, tariffs, and geopolitics.
  • Offset forex analysis to a machine that can compute the downstream impact of minute changes in interest rates and monetary policy to currencies world-wide.


For Prop and Discretionary Traders


Get an Edge on the Competition

  • Know tomorrow’s Close today; know exactly where price is going over the next two weeks. 
  • Leverage forecasted price targets to avoid getting stopped-out on good trades. 
  • Add macro intelligence to your repertoire, and avoid buying another top or selling another bottom.
  • Differentiate reversals from retracements. 
  • Know when you’re catching a falling knife versus finding a good entry. 
  • Pinpoint entries in short-term pullbacks. 
  • Use forecasted price trajectories to scale in and out of trades. 
  • Optimize the tradeoff between profit-taking and letting your winners run.

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*Trading involves risk and past performance is not indicative of future results. The information provided by our strategy should be used as a tool to assist your trading decisions and not as a guarantee of profits. Please ensure you understand the risks associated with trading and only invest what you can afford to lose.

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