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Power & energy

Sustainable monitoring and prediction for the energy sector

Sustainable energy, such as wind and solar, creates zero carbon emissions, which harm the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

A growing number of organizations in the energy sector are implementing changes and focusing on creating more sustainable environments. To offset the need for fossil fuel, which is actively contributing to the increase in climate change and pollution, developments in solar power, electric vehicles, hydrogen technologies and smart electricity grids are on the rise, as well as more alternatives for coal, oil and gas.

Descartes Labs can monitor the sustainability of the energy sector, from vegetative encroachment on power lines, to renewable energy mapping, to sustainable solutions for oil and gas.


Sharpening the Focus on Methane Emissions

Learn about how satellite imagery can help monitor methane gas emissions, including those from oil & gas venting.

Oil & Gas

Redefine your business by optimizing operations to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental and social perception. Put the power of our solutions to work for you with well pad mapping and monitor methane gas emissions and offshore oil slicks.

Wind & Solar

Geospatial intelligence allows you to add all influencing factors to wind energy projects: wind energy potential, land use, population density, distance to road, slope, biodiversity, regulatory requirements, and distance to transmission lines. Insight can be used for asset mapping and power generation forecasting.

Infrastructure monitoring

Utilize Descartes Labs capabilities to quickly deploy compute vision-based encroachment alerts and monitor ground surface movements and degradation. Automating tree detection can help electric utilities manage vegetation encroachment and significantly reduce wildfire risk. Monitor sites for deformation detection to increase safety and mitigate ground instability incidents.

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