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Natural disaster prediction and monitoring

Monitor and respond to natural disasters

As climate change causes global temperatures to rise, the world faces increasing intensity of natural disasters. Changing weather patterns are already causing extreme weather events, resulting in devastating floods and catastrophic megafires.

Geospatial insights can play a critical role for governments, non-profits, and enterprises as they respond and adapt to the changing world.


The Satellites Hunting for Megafires

Discover how early wildfire detection and alerting can augment traditional approached to wildfire management.

Augment your emergency management

Extreme weather

Weather monitoring can prepare you for crop and crop health predictions. Extreme temperature and precipitation can cause crop health issues or prevent crops from growing, affecting pricing and the supply chain.


Early-warning wildfire detection alerts  augment existing detection methods to track and mitigate risk potential. Detection is real-time and always on, even in the most remote areas. Advanced algorithms classify fire types, without producing duplicates or false positives.


Extreme events, especially floods and droughts, can harm crops and reduce yields, affect insurance pricing, and are a danger to humans and wildlife. Quickly detect and determine flooding to mitigate impacts to agriculture, ecosystems, and communities.


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