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Case study

Hurricane Idalia

Acting quickly is key for carriers to understand the estimated damage for reserving and paying out claims. Especially for people that were displaced from their homes due to a hurricane.
Real-time flooding and damage data was made available to our customers throughout the storm, plus a full claims and reserving analysis made ready with 72 hours of landfall.
As a result, our customers were able to expedite insurance claim disbursements and reserve funds. 
Timeline of data availability for Hurricane Idalia. Timeline starts August 27th and ends September 5th.

Clarity for accurate and immediate reserving estimates

insurance_idalia_replacement costs

Verify, triage, and settle claims quickly with access to real-time data

Portfolio insights delivered to your Claims Management System

Decrease loss ratio and increase reserving accuracy

Triage resource allocations to areas with significant damage

Reputation management for policyholders and the industry

Case study

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian was incredibly destructive, and we were able to work closely with carriers to ensure they had the most accurate information available before, during, and after the storm.
Below is the timeline of the extent of liability over the portfolio days leading up to Hurricane Ian making landfall.
Timeline of data collection and analysis for hurricane Ian.


Getting answers quickly


Fathom’s 1 in 200 year flood risk map identifies 10% of the carrier’s policies to be at risk of flooding.

Sept 23

93% of the carrier's properties identified in path of NHI 5 day forecast cone.

Sept 27–28

Previsico hourly flood warning maps show 62% of the carrier's policies at risk of surface water flooding & 50% at risk of sustained flooding.

Sept 28

Initial ICEYE flood depth data is available for download. 89% of the carrier's policies covered with 25% experiencing some level of flooding.

Sept 28

Reask wind gust data becomes available. 91% of the carrier's policies are covered with 26% experiencing wind gusts over 120 mph.

Sept 30

GIC post disaster graysky aerial imagery available for download. 

Harness earth observation data to revolutionize the insurance lifecycle.

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