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Accelerate your time to discovery with Marigold, our GIS-like user interface. Built for the exploration geologist, Marigold enables common remote sensing workflows including lithological and mineral mapping, advanced spectral mapping, and lineament analysis without requiring an advanced understanding of remote sensing.

Scalable data and tools within Marigold allow geologists to accelerate hypothesis formulation and exploration strategies to find new deposits in days, or even hours, instead of weeks or months. Generative geologists can access analysis-ready data to build regional to camp-scale workflows to quickly provide insights on the presence and composition of buried ore objects.

Who we serve

Built for exploration geologists. Benefits for the entire operation.

Simplifying exploration and expediting deposit discovery at any scale.

Exploration Geologists

Rapid access to remote sensing imagery allows you to have more data and evidence to support or deny your hypothesis over a target area. Gain internal support to fund your drilling program to increase exploration productivity while reducing idea-to-prospect exploration costs. With Marigold, you are able to optimize your exploration workflows and analyze more AOIs.

Data Scientists

Perform analytics quickly with the interoperability between Marigold and the Descartes Labs platform. This ability allows streamlining workflows to analyze large areas of remote sensing data with speed and scale. Marigold promotes collaboration between geologists and data scientists by providing a single work environment, not limited by coding ability, to share insights and workflows.

Exploration Managers

Optimize your exploration spending on drilling and confidently assess new tenements. Easily access large datasets and quickly process data from the multiple teams you oversee. Global coverage allows you to monitor surrounding assets of competitors and confirm if information from other organizations is accurate during mergers & acquisitions.

Technology and Innovation Leads

Unlock greater potential from your workforce and generate faster results by providing your employees with easy-to-access data and software, mitigating the challenge to open, distribute and process large datasets. Enable greater cross-collaboration and streamline workflows between teams, increasing potentials for success and opportunities to innovate.


Identify more targets, faster.

Marigold enables common remote sensing workflows for exploration including lithological mapping and mineral mapping capabilities, advanced spectral mapping, and lineament analysis.

Access exclusive data layers

Access proprietary Bare Earth Composites—data layers that expose the optimum regional-scale imagery with the lowest vegetation, snow, cloud, ice and water possible to maximize surface rock exposure.

Globally scalable on-the-fly analysis

Target potential mineral deposits on a global scale—even with no prior experience using satellite data—with speed and scalability.

Target & evaluate more AOIs

Identify more targets faster, and over larger areas, than with alternative software solutions.

Save time & decrease costs

Reduce the time spent analyzing data from weeks to hours, speeding up processing and interpretation, and optimizing pre-field campaigns.


From top: (1) Principle component analysis of Sentinel-2 data; (2) Hydrothermal alteration of Chile; (3) Principle component analysis of Great Dyke Mountain Pass, Zimbabwe; (4) Principal component analysis of Broken Hill, a Pb-Zn-Ag deposit in New South Wales, Australia.

Product features

Lithological mapping and mineral mapping capabilities: Including the ability to generate RGB composites, band ratios, mineral indices, RGB Ternary products, as well as transform decorrelation stretching, and principal components analysis.

Advanced spectral mapping: Including spectral similarity analysis, unsupervised methods such as clustering, and spectral unmixing and other supervised classification methods.

Lineament analysis: Including edge detection for any raster data source.

Access previously unseen pixels

Proprietary Bare Earth Composites

  • See every pixel of the Earth at its barest point in imaged time.
  • Sentinel-2 (VNIR) & ASTER SWIR & TIR integrated to generate new fused Bare Earth Composite.
  • Data ready to use ‘at scale’ for lithologic & mineral mapping applications.
  • Data corrected to surface reflectance & mosaiced.

Improved spectral analysis

Powerful Hyperspectral Processing

  • Identify deposits quickly and accurately with unique spectral signatures.
  • Reduce exploration costs through improved prioritization for field planning.
  • Experience organization growth with more mining use cases at your fingertips.
  • Benefit from economies of scale through shared investment across multiple departments.
  • Empower employees and enable larger audiences for technical exploration.

Product specs

Achieve more with an intuitive UI and powerful analytic tools

Data Integration

  • Support for importing various remote sensing data formats.
  • Ability to integrate data from multiple sources, such as satellites, drones, and ground-based sensors.

Security and Privacy

  • Data encryption during transmission and storage.
  • User authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations.

Data Visualization

  • Interactive maps with layer management for overlaying different data types.
  • Multi-spectral, hyperspectral, and thermal image visualization options.

Support and Documentation

  • Comprehensive user manuals and tutorials.
  • Responsive customer support for technical assistance.
  • Regular software updates and bug fixes.

Analytical Tools

  • Image enhancement techniques (contrast adjustment, color correction, etc.).
  • Feature extraction and classification algorithms for identifying objects of interest.

Data Export and Formats

  • Ability to generate and share workflows and layers.
  • Export file option as GeoTIFF.
  • Compatibility with Esri GIS (Geographic Information System) software.
  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

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